Saturday, March 2, 2019

Term One: Week Five ~ Early Morning Start

 Munchkin can read chapter books!!

We had proper evening routine several nights this week, so Monster got some puzzle work in. 

I reinstated our rule that the early risers have to start schoolwork pretty much as soon as they get up. Free time in the morning just doesn't work well for our family. 

This particular morning it was hot chocolate and math first thing in the morning! 

More puzzle progress... 

We stopped to photograph the beautiful Rainbow Lorikeets on our way to homeschool group. 

 The older boys REALLY enjoy taking turns pushing each other on the spider web swing.

The mums and I worked out on this particular day that Monster was pushing about 150kg of combined weight (the other boys and the weight of the swing). No wonder he was sore the next morning. 

 Munchkin spent almost all his free time reading these books this week.

 Science and history read aloud selections...

Picture book selections for Munchkin 

 History read alouds for Monkey... enjoyed by myself and Monster as well.

We're still working on finishing up our science unit on light. 

 Despite now being able to read chapter books, Munchkin still wants to complete his early reader program, so we continue to read those. The book on the right is an excellent book about lizards and other desert animals that have to travel to a different area during drought.

I can't adequately explain how beautiful and wonderful this particular book is. It brought tears to my eyes when I read it aloud to all three boys. 

 More favourite pictures books for Munchkin...

Independent reading for Monster... 

Independent reading for Munchkin... 

 Geography read alouds for the older boys...

 History read alouds for Monster - we LOVED the Jackie French book in particular.

 Finally, Graeme Base books are ALWAYS fun!!

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