Friday, December 15, 2017

Term Four: Week Ten ~ The End!!

Our last week of the term and the year was quite successful!
Monster and I finished up our math test on Thursday and our summer school holidays officially began!!

Two nights this week Monster worked on his current jigsaw puzzle while I read aloud to him. He made quite good progress over the two nights as you can clearly see from the two photos. 

Thursday we kicked off our school holidays with a trip to the library.
Nevermind that Thursday is our NORMAL library day ~ it felt kind of special since we were done for the year!! 

Friday was our last homeschool group for the term... Everyone who could come (and it was many more than I thought) brought a plate to share and we parents nibbled and chatted while the children ran around playing together.  I was THRILLED to discover that a woman I know from our local library (who has two daughters) has decided to homeschool!!  I am looking forward to next year already... even though I really need a bit of a break!! 

 These are our only books for the week.  The series about the states is WONDERFUL and I highly recommend them to all my friends and family.  They have excellent information and beautiful pictures.  The other book is Monster's independent reading for the week.

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