Saturday, October 21, 2017

Term Four: Week Two ~ Changes to Our Co-Op Class

I was rather slack with the photographs again this week ~ I guess it is taking me some time to get myself back into the habit of snapping pictures of our learning activities...

 Munchkin and Monster did some beautiful work on their handwriting this week.

Our co-op now meets on Friday and this suits us MUCH better.  We thus have FOUR days at home without interruption to get all our school work done.  We end our school "week" on Thursday at 3pm with a trip to the library.  Then Friday morning we pack up and head to our friend's house for co-op lessons in the morning.  In the afternoon we join our homeschool group at whatever park they are meeting at, and then in the late afternoon (around 4pm) we meet up with some public schooled friends at our favourite park for a play.  It is a LONG day out but is lots of fun and also an excellent way to end our learning week.

This week at co-op we reviewed our Latin vocab (above photo) with a "go fish" sort of game. 

Then the children were allowed to draw while we read aloud about Augustine.  The older boys drew comic strips that corresponded with the story while Munchkin used drawing websites on my phone to draw animals. 

Finally they ended their day helping their friend put together his solar system model. Sadly the pouring rain kept us from participating in homeschool group, but we desperately need the rain (we've had no measurable rain in nearly four months) so we weren't complaining. 

We did read LOTS of books this week... 
First we did a mini unit on celebrations (see more books we read below) 

Munchkin often likes to raid the board book box at the library... 

 Some information book read alouds for the week...

 I finished the evening read aloud chapter book that I was reading with Monkey and Monster

Science and history read alouds for Monkey and Monster... 

 And Munchkin's beautiful selection of picture books for the week.

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