Saturday, July 29, 2017

Term Three: Week Two ~ Back to Written Work, a Birthday Boy, and Self-Directed Learning

Second week of the term and we were off and running...
All three boys did maths and used our Reading Eggs online program daily, both Monster and Monkey wrote IEW paragraphs this week, and each also learned a new spelling list of words.  Monster completed a grammar unit and a health worksheet, while Monkey got a start on his thank you notes.  They put in a tremendous effort this week, and I'm pleased with how this term is starting out. 

 Munchkin enjoyed the Life Cycle worksheet as we studied a little bit about caterpillars for his Letter of the Week ~ Cc.

We've started our literature with all the Beatrix Potter stories. We read 1-2 each morning during breakfast, after we finish our Bible reading. 

 Tuesday was all about Monkey as he celebrated his 8th birthday. Straight after breakfast he opened his present from his dad and I... loads of fun as I packed it in MANY boxes!!

 In the afternoon he and I enjoyed a mother/son date.  We walked to the cafe to get a milkshake, stopping along the way to get some nice photos of him.  We ended our afternoon together with a stop at the grocery store for ingredients for his special birthday dinner.

Finally we ended the day with chocolate cake, the birthday song, and blowing out some candles. 

 Along with QUITE a lot of book work, the boys enjoyed some self-directed learning through the week.  Munchkin spent several days constructing and fine tuning a homemade marble run.

Meanwhile the older boys (sparked by Monster) decided to design and create their own set of trading cards. 

Monster's completed cards so far... 

A close-up of one of them... 

Monkey's completed cards so far... 

Not to be left out, Munchkin has also started a set, and I'm pretty impressed. 

Our book selections for the week...
Some of Monster's Independent reading for the week... 

Munchkin's science read aloud 

Monster read two more books for the Premier's Reading Challenge... 

 Monster's history read aloud (left photo)
Monkey's science/geography read aloud (right photo)

 Between daddy and I we read ALL the wombat books to Munchkin as I had plans for ALL of them to go back to the library on Thursday, but somehow a few got left behind.

 Finally another history read aloud finished for Monster (left)
And Monkey's literature read aloud for the week.

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