Friday, February 17, 2017

Term One: Week Three ~ Catch Up, Review, Recovery and the Letter Bb

What a crazy beginning of the school year it has been so far.  Two of the three weeks of school have been heat wave weeks, which makes moving our bodies and using our brains (for anything other than basic functions) nigh on impossible.  We started week three hot and bothered after a weekend of SOARING temperatures that hit 110F around our neck of the woods, and 120F (46C) further out west.  So we spent much of the week (it FINALLY started to cool down on Tuesday) catching up on past weeks art projects, and colouring in while I covered most of our subjects through read alouds.

 This week was letter "Bb" so Munchkin spent some time putting "bug" stickers on his lower case "b" (above) and doing his "Bb" pages in his handwriting book. (below)

During a read aloud session the two older boys worked on finishing up their Rainbow Fish... 

While Munchkin concentrated on colouring in his bilby. 

We did some catch up work on our letter "Ff" crafts with Munchkin making  a flower out of a lower case "f" which he really enjoyed! 

We used this great book from the library as our basis for our Rainbow Fish craft... 

Munchkin's Rainbow Fish... 

He says he isn't quite finished... but this is his Aboriginal Frog colouring page... 

And his finished "f" flower! 

I should know better than to play our Rainbow Fish memory game with a 4yr old... he beat me... not once, but twice!! 

 For our letter "Bb" game we worked on this Bird of Paradise brain teaser puzzle.

 We had a Saturday art session making paper butterfly chains... it was a much more tedious and time consuming project than I was expecting...

But Munchkin was really pleased with the final outcome! 

Blue Bubble paint on the letter B 

Munchkin's "Bb" pages in his Letter of the Week scrapbook! 

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