Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Term Three Evaluation: Monster



Independent Reading:
see written list ~ 

Other Reading Activities:
Reading Eggs online program
30 - 60 minutes of silent reading daily

Usborne Beginners King Midas and the Gold
The Borrowers Afield
May Gibbs Gumnut Classics
- Snugglepot and Cuddlepie
- Little Ragged Blossom

Institute For Excellent in Writing Program
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

Over the course of the term Monster wrote three paragraphs using the techniques set out in this program.  Topics included: The Olympic Games, Mantis Shrimp, and Roald Dahl

Foundation Handwriting Year 4

The Word Spy by Ursula Dubosarsky (we read this aloud) 
Topics Included: The First Alphabet, The English Alphabet, Let's Change the Alphabet, Invent Your Own Alphabet, Silent Letters, The Invention of Printing, American Spelling, Plurals, Hurray for Anglo-Saxon!, Shakespeare and the Bible, Punctuation, Punctuation: Signs and Symbols, Comma, colon and period (full stop), Question mark, Exclamation mark, Interrobang, speech marks, apostrophe, punctuation in other languages, punctuation: do we need it?, anagrams, pangrams, lipograms, acronyms, Latin, Latin, Latin, well-mannered acronyms, dot, dot dot, and finally the backonym, palindromes, mnemonics, oxymorons, pig latin, the rebus, rhyming slang, puns, homophones, mondegreens, onomatopoeia, tongue twisters, portmanteau words, euphemisms, don't mention it, doublespeak, cliches, tautology, nicknames, eponyms, spoonerisms, tom swifties, malapropisms, pen names, telegramese, texting LOL Leet and More, smilies

daily oral review of weekly lists as sourced from year 4 lists on the internet
(20 words per list)
written test taken every Friday

Maths Plus Year 6 Textbook
Units 19 - 27 covering the following topics:
Dividing 5-digit numbers, percentages, triangular numbers, tonnes, subtraction of 5- and 6-digit numbers, dividing by tens and finding averages, reflect, translate, rotate, sector graphs, extended multiplication, adding and subtracting mixed numbers, two-way tables, elapsed time/timetables, subtraction of 5- and 6-digit numbers, equivalent fractions, geometric patterns, misleading data, multiplying decimals/money, add and subtract fractions/mixed numerals, chance/tree diagrams, coordinates, dividing large numbers, adjacent angles, perimeter, addition of 4-, 5- and 6-digit numbers, multiplication by tens, sample data, multiplication by 2 digits, dividing decimals/money, rounding numbers, decimal remainders, integers, graphs, hectares and square kilometres
Diagnostic Review 3

Other Math Activities:
Khan Academy website
Cool Math Games website
Variety of maths games - uno, Phase 10, Rummy-O, Monopoly (he was banker), etc

Independent Reading: (Maths)

Scripture and Character Building:
Bible Read Aloud:
1 Samuel 10 ~ 2 Samuel 24
History - 
All books read below were read aloud as part of our ongoing Australian History unit and our Ancient Greek Unit Studies
Marly Walks on the Moon

Cleopatra: Escape Down the Nile (to finish off our Ancient Egypt study)

Everyday History: Life in Ancient Greece
Usborne Beginners: Ancient Greeks
The Best and Worst Jobs in Ancient Greece

James' Independent History Choices (silent reading)
Aussie Notables: Henry Parkes
Aussie Notables: Banjo Paterson

Other History Read Alouds
Boomerang and Bat
Meet Don Bradman
Queen Victoria's Underpants

(Books below are Aboriginal stories)
Dunbi the Owl

Geography - 
Going to the Rainforest
24 Hours in a Tropical Rainforest

Science and Technology:

The following books were read independently:
Can We Save the Tiger 
Horrible Science: Angry Animals
The A-Z of Scientific Discoveries Volume 1 A-C 
The A-Z of Scientific Discoveries Volume 2 D-G

The following books were read aloud:
Crabs and Crustaceans
The Usborne Big Book of Sea Creatures
At Home in the Biome: Coral Reef
walk to and from the library
walk to and from the shops
walk to and from various parks
free play at various parks
riding scooter
learned how to ride a bicycle
attended American Football (grid iron) game

Creative Arts:
Roald Dahl Birthday Craft
Mr Twit Beard craft

Weekly attendance of church and Sunday School
Numerous play dates with friends of multiple ages

Other Activities:
Played a variety of board and card games
  • Rummy-O
  • Mancala
  • Snakes and Ladders
  • Skip-Bo
  • Phase 10
  • Chess
  • Memory
  • Blokus
  • Blink

Term School Holiday Events:
Library ~ Bingo
Library ~ Bookmark Craft Day
ANSTO ~ Sports Science Day

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