Friday, October 28, 2016

Term Four: Week Three ~ Mystery Illness and Natural Learning

Week three was a strange week with adjusting back to "normal" routine after Nana's visit, and a mystery illness for Munchkin.  So we reverted to natural learning for the week.

We played a mammoth gamer of Phase 10 with Nana before she headed to visit other family. 

Tuesday Munchkin came down with his mystery illness.  A headache and a fever and NO energy but the next day he was fine.  By late afternoon he was too sick to do anything other than watch TV.  He even struggled to do this puzzle without my help which very unusual for him. 

One afternoon we discovered this poor dead baby bird right next to our back door.  Not sure what neighbourhood cat left us this "present".  The boys were quite sad but intrigued to look at it before we buried it. 

We enjoyed a lovely playdough afternoon one day. 

The older boys and I planted this coriander plant.  We are hoping it survives and actually grows so we can actually eat it!!

We all really enjoyed this oxygen/carbon dioxide science experiment. 

Friday was spent with homeschool group with our homeschool group at our favourite park. The boys enjoyed learning how to play cricket and doing their usually climbing. 

I finished another book in this wonderful series.  I'm currently working through it for the second time while I wait for the fifth book to be published in December. 

 LOVE sharing authors from my childhood with the boys!!

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