Friday, December 4, 2015

Term Four: Week Nine ~ Slowly Wrapping Up

With only three weeks left in the term and the school year, the boys and I are slowing things down and slowly wrapping up.  Both the older boys are close to finishing up their structured written work (workbooks) and so our focus has shifted to reading and games.

Just for something different I have posted our reading selections first!

Monster and I finished another history book this week...
The Alice series focuses on WWI 

 Our read aloud selection that all three boys enjoyed. I wasn't impressed at all with the new version of Snow White, and The Day the Crayons Quit has become a family favourite that we borrow from the library whenever it is available and read MULTIPLE times before returning it again.

 I feel like singing the song from Sesame Street... "Three of these things belong together, one of these things just isn't the same..." 
The Little Chick book was Munchkin's read aloud choice and the other three pictures are early reader books that Monkey read aloud to me throughout the week.

 Left: Monster's independent book for the week
Right: Another read aloud Monkey read to me!

 I am trying to read one Christmas book a day to the boys but the schedule (especially in the evening) has been such that it doesn't always happen so only one Christmas book for this week. The other book is a true story about a dog back in the 1800s who loved to travel by train and although he did have an owner he would wander around the country and stay with whatever station master found him come evening time!  It was fascinating and I would like to borrow the book again in the new school year and perhaps do some further learning about him!

 Not all of our read aloud choices are serious - or even quality - books!  Sometimes we just go for something silly and funny!

On to our learning for the week...
Monkey and Munchkin worked collaboratively on an Avengers 50 piece puzzle. 

Monkey finished his Year 1 (1st grade) maths workbook about halfway through the school year and is now working through a Year 2 (2nd grade) book.  He won't finish this year but is enjoying the challenge it presents him at times. These particular pages were all about number patterns using a 100s chart. 

Monkey is LOVING that he can read and pushes himself to read harder and harder texts. 

We finished off our week by teaching Monkey how to play Cluedo!!

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