Friday, October 16, 2015

Term Four: Week Two ~ Cocoons and Reading

First off for the week was the discovery that the caterpillar had well and truly finished spinning his cocoon.  but the stick he built it on was laying on the ground so we opened the bug catcher and cleaned away all the leaves that were no longer needed and propped the stick up against the fake leaves in the catcher before putting it all back together again. 

 Monster and I finished off two more books in the Our Australian Girl series that we are enjoying.  This has been a really fun way to learn more about Australian history.

The Pokemon obsession is strong in this house.
These are Monster's independent reading selections for the week. 

Monkey continues to power on with his reading.
He is finishing up the purple reading level from the library and beginning to branch out into the green reading level - though his selections for this week were all purple.

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