Friday, October 23, 2015

Term Four: Week Three ~ Impromptu Play Date

By week three my voice was back and the boys and I worked on getting back into a normal school/learning routine.  They were pleased when I got new learning resources out of storage and thoroughly enjoyed an impromptu play date with their best friends!

Munchkin is old enough to work with this little set fairly independently. Sometimes he needs a bit of help adjusting the shapes or holding a screw steady, but he was easily able to follow the pattern book and gather the shapes he needed for each design. 

LOVE his funny face but he is actually VERY proud of his robot picture. 

The older boys enjoyed playing my "Crazy Kiwi" card game that one of my best friends gave me.  The three of us (myself included) played for long periods of time but we have yet to solve it. 

We enjoyed an impromptu play date with our best homeschool friends.  Another family of three all with children the same age as mine and they were instantly best friends!  We feel very blessed indeed to have them in our lives! 

We continue to monitor our cocoon daily - waiting for some sign that something is going to happen soon. 

Finally ~ our book selection for the week!

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