Friday, October 30, 2015

Term Four: Week Four ~ Natural Learning With Nana

This week was a fun week with some life skills and natural learning with Nana.
The older boys had MUCH motivation to get structured written work and morning chores done and out of the way so that they could have the afternoon time free for extra activities with Nana.  So my selection of photos from this week focused on the extra bits with her instead of the normal stuff that we do when it is just us.

Munchkin enjoyed giving his first 100 piece puzzle a try since he had an adult to help him with sorting the edge pieces from the inside pieces. 

Meanwhile the older boys created an elaborate story/game with their various Lego collections. 

All three boys enjoyed an afternoon treat watching Happy Feet with Nana while a  big storm raged outside. 

There was an epic silly string fight in the backyard as Monster tested out the Spider-Man Web Slinger he bought with his own money. 

LOTS and LOTS of games were played...
One of those was The Hungry Caterpillar game which Munchkin picked out during a shopping trip. 

Munchkin LOVE playing Blokus but he makes up his own rules... 

The older boys did some gardening with Nana and planted some potato peelings to see if they will sprout. 

An afternoon/evening was spent playing Skip-Bo which is Monkey's favourite game at the moment. 

Munchkin and I enjoyed the challenge of Suspend... 

Evening games session before bed... Uno for Monkey 

Cluedo for Monster... and shocking colours in the photographs as I didn't change my settings. 

More gardening/planting... this time onions! 

Monkey enjoyed helping Nana make some wholemeal spinach bread... 

Munchkin enjoyed the stamps and ink pads... 

While Monkey got his first chance to play Rummy-O 

I LOVE it when an activity is a combination of learning experiences...
Munchkin enjoyed sorting and then some fine motor practice. 

There was also some time for outdoor play... 

The most exciting thing for the week was that our caterpillar finally broke out from the cocoon to reveal this beautiful moth.  Sadly we missed  seeing him emerge as I suddenly noticed at about 9:30am Friday morning that he was on the side of the bug container... but Monkey mentioned that he looked when he woke up at 8am and he was still in the cocoon.  A bit later he was laying on the floor of the bug container so we took him outside and laid him on the ground.

We thought he was dead so I took these photographs and we went back inside.  When Monster and I went back outside a few minutes later he was gone so we hope that he was able to fly off and live a full moth lifespan.  It was very exciting for the four of us to finally witness a caterpillar/moth life cycle. 

The other exciting event for the week was the unexpected package that arrived in the mail for the boys from their uncle (my younger brother).  After confirming with him that it was a just because sort of gift and not an early Christmas present, they dived in to find out what it was. 

What they found was this brilliant Quad-Copter and we immediately took it outside to see what it could do. 


 A very exciting week with Nana's visit, the moth, and the surprise package.
Great fun and lots of learning for all of us this week!

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