Friday, March 27, 2015

Week Nine ~ Winding Down

As the term comes to an end we are winding down... and this seems to be reflected in the number of photos I have taken!  But here are some highlights!!

 A gears game creation of the Munchkin's!

He LOVES to use the bingo dot markers... if they EVER go on clearance I just might buy him a set of Do-A-Dot Markers!!

 With less written/structured work as the term comes to an end, Monster is enjoying the extra time for silent reading... he escapes to his bed or even our bedroom and will read for hours!

 Monkey has discovered the Dot Game and I love that it is available on Facebook... he enjoys playing against the computer as well as another human!

Daddy took a break from work in the office to read some books and work on a puzzle with the Munchkin.

 The finished product - photographed by the Munchkin hence the little toes in the picture.

 Even though he is WAY ahead in his maths book, Monkey continues to ask to do pages each day.  He LOVED using blocks to work out the problems for this particular page.

And finally, our read aloud selections for the week!

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