Monday, April 28, 2014

April School Holiday

All three boys enjoyed the relaxed routine during school holidays.
Below is a selection of some of our activities during our two week break from structured learning.

 Munchkin spent a long time outside one afternoon playing with water.
(above photos)

Later that afternoon we explored a new park we had never been to before.

We attended the Family Easter Show at Fox Studios with another home school family.

We celebrated Munchkin's 2nd birthday with presents in the morning...

 ... and Bingo at the library with their FAVOURITE librarian...

and a birthday photo shoot on the walk home!

Easter weekend for our family always means concentrated family time as it is the ONLY long stretch of time hubby has off from work.

Good Friday was church in the morning and a picnic at the  beach in the afternoon.

Saturday was a small BBQ celebration in the park for Munchkin's birthday.

 Sunday was church in the morning followed by lunch out together and a nice long play in the playground in the afternoon.

Easter Monday was family time at home... spending time together and getting little chores done around the house!

It was a wonderful and restful time together and we are ready to tackle term two!

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