Friday, March 28, 2014

Week Eight - Letter Hh

As the term begins to wind down I find that structured learning is lagging a bit.
However, that is NOT to say that learning isn't taking place in our home, simply that we are finding other avenues in which to achieve our learning goals.

Here is a selection of photos from our week of learning about the letter Hh and lots of other things along the way...

Monkey decorates a capital letter H with green (his favourite colour) hearts.

 Monster and Monkey painting hedgehogs (finished product will be revealed in a review week blog post).

 Munchkin tried (and really enjoyed) some painting with water.

Now for some illustrations of our less structured learning activities...
 Munchkin enjoyed looking at some books before bed...

 Monster, Monkey and I enjoy a nightly game of Skip-Bo as part of our evening/bedtime routine now.

 No week is complete in Munchkin's world unless he completes his ritual of waving to the rubbish truck drivers.  Both men are nice and wave to him as well. They even toot the horn for him as well!

 During quiet time one afternoon Monster and Monkey built this contraption.  I couldn't adequately photograph it but it took them ages to build it and was some sort of protection for a tennis ball fight they had with each other and eventually with daddy!

 Walking home together from the library on an odd day when it wasn't raining constantly!

 Even with the rain Monster and Munchkin enjoyed some time outside in this umbrella fort that Monster built for them.  They spent quite awhile under there chatting away together.

I found these great Lego Alphabet Cards and Monkey spent an entire afternoon seeing how many he could create with the Duplo Lego set! I HAD to take photos of him with every letter that he created!

 Observing nature in our own front yard...

 Playing totem tennis... all three boys got in on the action!

Monkey's completed handwriting pages

... and letter H activities

 Munchkin's first painting experience with REAL paint!!

 Painting hippos - again the finished product will be revealed in an upcoming review week blog post - and I'm puzzled as to why I only have a picture of Monster painting his hippo because I KNOW Monkey did this activity as well!

And finally, as part of our evening/bedtime routine, Monster and I work on a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle together at least one night of the week. This is our progress so far!

So a bit of a hodge-podge review this week but learning took place nonetheless!

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