Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hosting Homeschool Group

Periodically only a few families from our homeschool group can attend our weekly session and then we hold it at someone's house. I offered up our house this week and the boys were SO excited to have all their friends come over.

Straight after breakfast we got to work preparing scones for morning tea.
While the dough rested the boys enjoyed eating some plain flour!!
I thought it was disgusting but they both said it tasted nice.

There was even time to read a story together...

Taking turns cutting out the scones.
Monster was happy to do circles but Monkey insisted on other shapes!!

One of the mums teaching the children how to fold origami whales.

Monster preparing his "sandy beach"

I was proud of the Monkey for waiting very patiently to take his turn.
One of the things I love about our homeschool group is that the younger siblings are always included if they want to participate.

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