Saturday, September 19, 2020

Term Three: Week Nine ~ An Early Knock Off

All three boys worked really hard and finished all their structured work this week. Therefore, our "Spring Break" school holidays officially began on Friday this week. With Monkey sick with pneumonia over the July school holidays, none of us felt like we had a real break, so we are ready for some chill time.  There are no photos of the structured work that was finished up this week as there was so little of it to be done. Instead I chose to focus on the interest led learning that occurred through the week.

I discovered this beautiful spider in her web when I was in the front yard early Monday morning. Sadly, later in the day she had disappeared and we haven't seen her since.

We enjoyed another Mark Kistler free drawing lesson this week. From the top down are our drawings: Mum's, Monster's, Monkey's and finally Munchkin's! If you are interested in trying out these lessons for yourself, the link is attached HERE!

Munchkin did some work on his 500 piece puzzle during some of our read aloud sessions this week. He is making very good progress.

Monster started a new 1000 piece puzzle this week.

Munchkin is enjoying re-reading all the Roald Dahl books in our collection.

Munchkin is also enjoying reading, and re-reading, the Deltora Quest books we borrow frequently from the library.

Two read aloud selections that I finished this week... Monster and I really enjoyed the story of Lord of the Flies, although we found the ending to be very abrupt. The book about Captain Cook was aimed at Munchkin's history unit study, but Nicholas Brasch is an EXCELLENT non-fiction writer and all of us (myself included) enjoyed this book. We even learned a few new things despite have studied Australian history nearly continuously for the last five years.

More of Munchkin's independent reading for the week... he enjoys picture books still as well as chapter books.

Some fun independent reading for Monster...

Finally, Munchkin spent an early morning enjoying a variety of picture books - both library books and favourites from our home collection.

Now, bring on the school holidays...

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