Saturday, August 22, 2020

Term Three: Week Five ~ Play Time, Puzzles, Book and Trampoline Time

Winter may still be showing off with cold blasts and high winds, but signs of spring are on the way! Below is the beautiful flower I photographed after church Sunday afternoon.

Our Sunday afternoon pile of books, out of quarantine and ready to be read! 

Monster is finishing a puzzle a week just about. This one was even 1500 pieces, so we thought it would give him a bit more of a challenge!! 

 With the high winds that kick up each day, walking has not been the most pleasant activity. But thanks to a dear friend who gifted us her trampoline, the boys are still able to get some sunshine, fresh air, and burn off their energy.

Another puzzle in the works... 

 An afternoon enjoying self-directed learning and activities.
Munchkin asked for the Lincoln Logs from the toy cupboard and Monkey found a pill bug and decided he wanted to keep it as a pet for awhile, so he set to work creating a home in the bug catcher.

More puzzle progress... 

More trampoline fun... 

Still more puzzle progress... 

The only photographic proof of the structured written work the boys did this week. Munchkin finished the Haese Mathematics Yr 4 (4th Grade) textbook. I have decided not to allow him to move forward into the Yr 5 textbook... instead we will use Khan Academy to review both Yr 3 and Yr 4 maths, and get his multiplication tables memorized well before we continue. 

Thursday night puzzle progress... 

Photo Credit for the above two photos is Munchkin!
He built these Lego Duplo creations and wanted to photograph them to be displayed on the blog. I'm not sure what the top photo is but the bottom photo is his Blue Whale. 

Independent reading for Munchkin... he is an EARLY riser and is finally learning to curl up somewhere and quietly read while I adjust to being awake at that hour. 

 Munchkin's evening read aloud literature book is now chosen from the Henry Huggins series.

 Read aloud science and history for the three boys...

Munchkin still likes to have a few picture books from the library each week... 

We finished this GREAT book all about music... it was fun and interesting. 

More Deltora Quest fun for Munchkin... 

I've had a good dose of Dickens this school year! I read Oliver Twist to Monkey and Great Expectations to Monster. We enjoyed them and I'm glad to say I've finally read both of these classics. 

 We are wrapping up Monkey's Australian Gold Rush unit study... just a couple of chapter books and we'll have finished. We are all enjoying learning more about this time in Australian history.

I read this book aloud to Monster and it was exceptional. It alternated being surprising me and utterly disgusting me. In order to make a change, we must be willing to learn the truth about the past and admit the wrong that has been done. 

 More independent reading... Munchkin on the left and Monster on the right

 An excellent read aloud selection that I read aloud to Monkey and Monster.

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