Saturday, June 6, 2020

Term Two: Week Six ~ Library Books, Construction Progress, and Cheeky Cockatoos

We are officially at the halfway mark of this term! My goodness how time flies, even when we are largely restricted to life in our home and our neighbourhood. We will continue to work hard and learn lots as winter settles in, and hopefully in the spring we'll be able to do more excursion and outdoor learning. But for now, we are content to stay home, knuckle down, and learn. Enjoy my post and my selection of photos...

Another HUGE haul of library books came out of garage quarantine late Sunday afternoon. The boys were super excited about this pile because it included some new viking chapter books (novels not non-fiction) and the rest of the Elmer collection our library has. There are also a few more lovely WWI picture books in here as well, and some books about the history of money and general money management as Monster and I want to take a little detour into some interest based learning. 

An early morning shot of Munchkin enjoying a decaf tea, his breakfast, and his math assignment for the day. I LOVE that our dining table is bathed in sunlight. In the winter it makes for much warmer learning time. 

During a walk around the neighbourhood we checked out the ongoing progress of the new house that is being built down the road from our house. 

Monkey working hard on his math assignment for the day... 

Legos and books.. Munchkin's two big loves. 

Some puzzle progress from Monster for the week... 

As we walked to the library for our "click and collect" we spotted this cheeky cockatoo in the tree. He was quite excited and kept putting his crest up, but he flew across the road before I could get any really good photos of him. 

Our Duplo Lego collection is still much loved and frequently played with. 

Monster finished reading all the Wizards of Once books... they count as Premier's Reading Challenge books for him. 

 Independent chapter book reading for Munchkin...

Munchkin is really enjoying having LOTS of picture books to read again. 

I finished reading aloud this book on WWI to Monster. For a short, junior non-fiction book it was chock full of really good information. 

 All three boys are working their way through the How to Train Your Dragon books.

 Monster and Monkey are learning a bit more about world health in the wake of the pandemic.

Munchkin is really enjoying all his new chapter books I borrowed from the library for him. Monkey is really interested in Vikings as well so he will read these books too. 

 Monster and I are enjoying beginning his WWI unit study with all the lovely picture books the library owns. I was unable to borrow all these books for ANZAC day this year because of the lockdown, so it has been lovely to read them now, even if it is almost two months late.

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