Saturday, May 9, 2020

Term Two: Week Two ~ May the 4th Be With You

The highlight of our week this week would have to be May the 4th, otherwise known as Star Wars Day!  I spent much of Sunday evening printing out a ton of Star Wars themed work and we dove in on Monday.

 Munchkin enjoying a Star Wars themed math page (left photo) and a Darth Vader symmetry sheet (right photo).

 Munchkin chose to do two Darth Vader symmetry pages... one where he drew the other half of Darth Vader's helmet and then another page where he drew Anakin Skywalker's face.

Monkey also chose to draw Anakin Skywalker's face instead of Darth Vader's helmet. His ability to draw realistic portraits has improved greatly since his previous attempts earlier in the year. 

I found a wonderful website with all sorts of math worksheets that create pictures. There are tons of different themes. We focused on the Star Wars themed pages, but definitely browse the site for other great sheets. Just click on the words Star Wars above to be taken directly to the website.

 For some exercise, sunshine and fresh air, the boys and I walked up to the library. We dropped some books in the 24 hour return chute, and then had a socially distanced visit with the librarians through the foyer, before heading back home. We are still hoping and praying that a click and collect system will get up and running soon.

On our way home from the library we spotted a couple of BEAUTIFUL Black Cockatoos. They weren't shrieking at each other so no rain in the forecast. Instead they were just sitting in the trees. We enjoyed snapping several different photos of them before finally heading home. 

This is the huge Agave plant in our front yard and we've NEVER seen it do this in the ten years we've now been living in this house. We are watching it carefully now, curious to see what grows and develops. 

 Morning math work with Munchkin... a VERY early morning hands-on chance page involving coin tosses in the left photo, and a more subdued morning tackling telling time in the right photo.

After several months off... Monster is FINALLY back to working on his jigsaw puzzle. This one is proving difficult for him, so we shall see how long it takes for completion. 

Another creation of Monkey's that he worked on through the week... 

Through the wonders of modern technology we were able to participate in my niece's 3rd birthday quarantine party. We sang Happy Birthday to her and watched her blow out her candle! 

 Beautiful sunshine and a finished footpath are bliss for Munchkin...

 More photos of the Agave plant...

Munchkin amused himself for an entire afternoon with our various gears toy sets that we own. 

 We began and Introductory music unit study and an Elements of Art unit study on Friday afternoon. This was received with varying levels of enthusiasm and interest but we're going to stick with it.

We're using this beautiful art book... 

 Along with some LOVELY free worksheets from Kitchen Table Classroom - if you click on the link you can subscribe to her free resource library and get your own copies of these amazing worksheets. The Elements of Art book should keep us busily learning for the remainder of the term.

 This week's work is kind of hard to see... but here are all three boys attempts at line and shape... subsequent weeks will be easier as there will be opportunities to add colour as well.

 Friday afternoon/evening exercise scooter session for all three boys on the footpath.

We checked on the progress of the construction site... the workers that Munchkin and I spoke to earlier in the day assured me that the work will go quite fast now. So we'll wait and see... 

Finally, our week ended nicely on Saturday afternoon/evening with just enough rain to create a beautiful (though brief) double rainbow!! 

Monster's Independent reading for the week... 

 Munchkin's independent reading for the week...

The one read aloud we finished this week... LOTS of fun to read this book. 

 Munchkin's Saturday reading...

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