Saturday, May 16, 2020

Term Two: Week Three ~ Settling Into Our Routine

Week three of a new term is usually when we find our groove and this term (despite the lock down and the pandemic) appears to be no different. The boys worked hard on their schoolwork and we are enjoying the unit studies we are working through. Enjoy the photo selections for this week...

Sunday was Mother's Day and my husband and the boys surprised me with new slippers! I have happy feet again that are staying toasty warm all day!! 

Munchkin opted to do another Star Wars subtraction worksheet instead of the usual assigned 5-minute practice sheet I give him. Click the link if you want to download your own copies of these brilliant pages. 

Monster and I worked hard to solve the storage problem with his current puzzle. We found a way to lay it on the floor in an out of the way place so that it is MUCH easier for him to just sit down and work on it during read aloud time in the evening. This should mean he completes many more puzzles this year than previous years. 

Morning Math with Munchkin
And he is only frowning because I wouldn't let him lay his head on the book while he worked on the problem. He actually really enjoys his math. 

During an afternoon walk we checked out the construction site and true to the workers words the previous week, they are now making much faster progress!! 

More puzzle progress... 

 I had to photograph our Agave plant again upon our return from another walk. We discovered these strange little "buds" on the stalk (the boys actually noticed not me) and now we are REALLY keen to keep a close eye on it and see what happens next.

Enjoying an afternoon scooter session on the new footpath! 

Yet another evening of puzzle progress for Monster... 

 Super Early Morning Math... as in BEFORE 8am! Munchkin had to fold shapes and draw the lines of symmetry on them. I can manage this kind of math that early in the morning.

Our Friday afternoon music and art lessons... The boys worked on their art booklets while I read about colour theory and also read our music unit. Part of the afternoon was spent listening to different styles of music as well. The boys enjoy these lessons more than they will admit. 

 Monkey's work on his colour worksheets...

 Monster's completed worksheets...

 Finally... Munchkin's finished products...

Friday nights we have been enjoying a Disney movie as we are working through the movies in the order they were first released. This week we enjoyed "Ichabod and Mr Toad" along with hot chocolate and popcorn. Munchkin was my kitchen helper for the evening... 

Monkey continues to work on portrait sketching... he drew these two pictures of Wolverine using some photos as a guide. He is making some real progress with portraits and I'm excited that he is continuing to put time and effort into his work. 

 Monster and I finished off our Industrial Revolution unit study with this tremendous book. He also read this short book about John Simpson Kirkpatrick as part of his independent reading. This book counts for Premier's Reading Challenge AND the beginning of our WWI unit study as well.

I read this book aloud to Monkey and Monster as we prepare to watch the movie Hidden Figures. Click and collect at our library begins this coming week and I already have SIXTY items (including the Hidden Figures DVD) on reserve. 

 Independent reading for Munchkin... he LOVES these books!

Read aloud selections that all three boys enjoyed... This is My World was EXCELLENT and gave the boys a really good look at how differently children live around the world. I particularly liked that they included children from ALL economic sections... even a young boy living in a Syrian refugee camp. 

We kicked off our WWI unit study with this book... I suspect this unit study will take us all the way to the end of the year! 

 The book on the left was a suggestion from two friends from high school and it did not disappoint. It was a lovely read aloud for Monkey and Monster... And I read The Wind in the Willows to all three boys. I had never read it as a child and thoroughly enjoyed it as well.

More independent reading from Munchkin... as the earliest riser of the three boys... he spends a good portion of his mornings reading books. 

Monkey finished this book this week and is looking forward to book three now.

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