Saturday, April 4, 2020

Term One: Week Ten ~ Full Lockdown Begins, Incursions, and Wrapping Up a Week Early

Full lock down began in the state of NSW this week. This means we can only leave the house for the following activities: work or education that cannot be done from home, food supplies, medicine or medical attention, or exercise. Thus we shall see how my blog and the photos I include, change to suit the changes in our world.

Munchkin has been asking for more sensory play activities so early in the week I pulled our the Magic Sand kits once he had finished all his written work. He enjoyed playing and the mess was more or less contained. 

My lone photo of anyone doing book work... Monkey and Munchkin hard at work together at the dining table. Both of them were working on their handwriting page for the day. 

We can't go on excursions... so imagine the excitement when an excellent experience happened right next door. This is the tree in front of our next door neighbour's house. It has been very dead for quite a long time... 

Tuesday afternoon two council men arrived with a chainsaw and the wood chipping machine and got to work... 

They cut down all the branches and fed them into the chipper one at a time... 

 Once all the branches were done they got started on the stump... cutting it as close to the ground as they possibly could. 

One afternoon I took the boys for a walk around our block for a full hour. In that time we clocked six laps, which worked out to about 3.5 km (which is just over 2 miles). 

On Tuesday the clouds and the rain rolled in, and they stuck around until lunchtime on Saturday. I am definitely used to the sunny weather now and periods of extended rain are difficult for me. 

Thursday two different council men came to grind up the tree stump. This was much noisier, much dustier, and not nearly as exciting as the tree cutting that occurred on Tuesday. 

The boys have been enjoying several long games of Monopoly together... 

Munchkin and I enjoyed a few games of Otrio before his bedtime Thursday night... 

Friday afternoon we went up to the local park which has a HUGE playing field... with the idea of walking some laps around or across it.  On the way there we found these weird plants growing... they smelled kind of gross too... we have no idea what they are!! 

 Left Photo: A close up of the stinky, unknown plants!
Right Photo: What the boys believe to be a moulting of a Huntsman spider. There was much discussion about it MUST be a moult and not a dead spider because the legs are straight. If it was a dead spider the legs would be all folded up.

You always know there has been quite a bit of rain when the mushroom and other fungus start to grow abundantly. 

Under the new government restrictions we are still allowed to use the playing field for exercise purposes (providing we stay 1.5m away from any other people there) but the playground equipment is off limits!! 

 Munchkin is really enjoying this series by Jackie French. It is part of the Premier's Reading Challenge and he has read the books multiple times already.

As part of his Marine and Aquaculture Technology class, Monster is studying the Deep Ocean! This book was fascinating and very well written - we both enjoyed it a lot! 

 More independent reading for Munchkin...

 Bushranger read alouds for Monkey...

We finished another book in the Little House on the Prairie series... only one more book to go and then I will start the huge biography about Laura and Almanzo that my mum gifted me with when she visited last year! 

 Munchkin is also enjoying reading a series of Zac Power books that were given to us by a friend. He reads these repeatedly as well...

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