Saturday, April 11, 2020

Term One: Week Eleven ~ The Longest Term EVER

Eleven week terms are ALWAYS hard, but this one seemed like an eternity. But we made it and we are officially finished with Term 1. Our school holidays seem very anti-climactic without our usual library events and play dates, but we will make the holidays separate and different from the term in whatever way we can. While Monster finished up his Year 9 math textbook and a bit of Latin (his only written work for this final week) the other two boys enjoyed some natural learning and some down time.

 Munchkin has been absolutely begging to do some painting. So when the weather was sunny, I dug out our watercolour paints and our oil pastels and let him create to his heart's content.

Our PE and recess one day this week was to walk four laps around our block. Our block is HUGE so this is a substantial walk for the boys.  

We didn't find any wildlife to photograph so I settled for the clouds (above) and this silly photo of Munchkin with some leaves he found. 

The boys enjoyed playing Monopoly Deal one evening in lieu of read alouds. 

Munchkin got given a special job to do for daddy. He was to smash all the hard drives before they went to the e-waste recycling box. Sadly our e-waste drop off point is closed for the next little while, but when they re-open, we'll be ready with a box full of stuff. 

Friends of ours gifted us with a trampoline that they no longer want. Daddy and Monster picked it up and they put it together once they got it home. 

 The trampoline is small(ish) so the boys have to jump on it one at a time.

Thankfully it is small enough and lightweight enough, that when the boys have had their fun and their exercise, it stores easily in the backyard. 

While the boys jumped on the trampoline I did some yard work and found this little creature in the process. 

Munchkin and I enjoyed some card games together this week... 

 My photography has taken a back burner during the lock down...

But in between some rainstorms... 

 I got outside and had some fun!

Another games evening... this time Monopoly! 

Finally, Monkey decided that it was finally time to release his "pet" cricket back into the wild. 

It was a fun project for Monkey and I hope that the cricket lives and long and happy life back in the wild. 

Independent reading for Monkey... 

Munchkin is tearing through our collection of Zac Power books again... 

 Read aloud selections for Monkey and Monster... unit study books for both of them.

 And finally, Munchkin is reading this set of books. They are really too easy for him, and I've been suggesting that he read them so we can pass them on to a friend.

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