Saturday, January 25, 2020

School Holidays: Week Six ~ Regeneration

Our final week of school holidays. We relaxed and enjoyed a couple of school holidays activities at our local library (see below). I worked hard at home preparing the last bits for the new school term. I filled out their schedules on their calendar pages for the first two weeks of the term and also put a STACK of library books on reserve for all the lovely unit studies we'll be doing this term.  In between all of that, we enjoyed lots of tennis on TV as the Australian Open tennis tournament began Monday morning. It started a week later than usual this year as the players arranged a "Rally for Relief" showcase to raise money for the bush fire relief funds.

 It seems the boys sunflower plants weathered the couple of days of extreme heat well, and both Monkey and Munchkin are thrilled to see flowers emerging.

 I was beyond relieved to see that the rain we received the previous week revived the Tibouchina tree that grows in the garden strip along our driveway. It was looking very sad and sickly this summer despite me regularly watering it with buckets of grey water.

Monday morning we attended an author talk at the library. Here Monkey and Munchkin listen intently to the presentation. 

 The author was Chris Collin and he has written the series of Funky Chicken books - which I had never heard of before. He read some of his books, had some of the children dress in costumes and dance, and then gave them a little drawing lesson. It was brilliant. Click on the link I've attached to Chris Collin's name above for more information about the books.

 Both Monkey and Munchkin enjoyed the drawing lesson...

Their finished products... Munchkin's on the left and Monkey's on the right...

Tuesday morning Munchkin and I walked back up to the library because he won the summer reading challenge - reading 240 books between 1st December and 19th January. He is now the proud owner of Connect 4 Shots and thoroughly enjoyed getting this fun picture taken with our one of our favourite librarians, Alison! 

 Enjoying figuring out how to play the game...

Wednesday morning was all about their FAVOURITE library school holidays event... BINGO! They have lots of fun and win lots of lollies!! 

We finished off our week with their normal computer time at the library to enjoy the games on the Roblox website. We don't use that website at home for security reasons... so while they play I do my own work on another computer, or I look for books to check out... or if I'm REALLY lucky... 

 I'm able to sit just outside the computer room and read. But my success in this endeavour depends on how quiet it is in the open areas of the library and how well behaved the boys are in the computer room. This particular week they were very well behaved, the library was quiet, and I was able to finish my book!

All in all, it was a fabulous final week of the summer school holidays. We are rested, recharged, and ready for another year of learning. I look forward to sharing our 2020 learning adventures with you all.

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