Saturday, December 14, 2019

Term Four: Week Nine ~ Another Year Wrapped Up

Our last week of the term and the school year.
Monster worked hard to finish up his math test and his Latin unit.
While Monkey finished a writing assignment and his math test.
Munchkin had finished all his written work the week before, so it was a bonus holiday week for him. My photographs this week focus on our other activities for the week, since photographing the book work would have been minimal.

We enjoyed some board games this week... Yahtzee with all the boys and Pop the Pig just Munchkin and mummy. 

A bit of puzzle progress from Monster... 

The boys and I enjoyed a long afternoon game of Ticket to Ride... 

 Monkey re-potted his sunflower plants, and Monster replanted his tomato plants.

 It appears our snow pea plants have regenerated and are now sharing the pot with Munchkin's sunflower plants... we shall see if they survive this time.

 I spent one evening re-arranging the wardrobe in my bedroom. The left hand photos are the BEFORE photographs and the right hand picture is the AFTER. I ALWAYS use the long summer school holidays to try to get more organized. I did WAY too much SHOVING of stuff into our wardrobe and just really needed to pull it all out, de-clutter, and reorganize!

Now the school work will be much more accessible and organized when school begins again in February.

 Monster and I LOVE our jigsaw puzzles... and we have a TON of them! Again, as we found bargains at our local op-shops, or got given new puzzles as gifts, they just got put in the wardrobe wherever there was space. Now they, too, are easily accessible when we are ready to tackle a new puzzle.

 Finally, some of hubby's stuff got moved to my side, and vice versa, so I moved his things back to his side, where there is more room, and he'll be able to find them more easily.

 Obligatory LAST day of school photographs... Sadly these signs are a bit difficult to read when the photographs are taken outside...
Monster - Last Day of 8th Grade - Dec 2019 

Monkey - Last Day of 5th Grade - Dec 2019 

Munchkin - Last Day of 2nd Grade - Dec 2019 

Finally, we wrapped up our week by putting up and decorating our Christmas tree.
We also had our homeschool group end of term/end of year Christmas lunch, but I was so busy eating and chatting with the other parents, that I failed to take any photographs!! 

Finally, our books for the week... we are enjoying our daily reads of Christmas picture books, we wrapped up a few more read alouds, and the boys are reading voraciously for the summer reading challenge at the library!!

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