Saturday, October 26, 2019

Term Four: Week Two ~ Dreams Come True, Nana Visits, and Saving Native Wildlife

What a week this has been!
Nana arrived Tuesday afternoon to spend the week with us.
But the highlight of the week (especially for me) was Wednesday night when I got the opportunity to meet my Australian hero, Jackie French, in person. A local library launched a new interact media table for history display and Jackie French was the keynote speaker. About half our homeschool group attended and it was an AMAZING night. On Friday evening we got the opportunity to help out a juvenile Noisy Miner bird. Enjoy all the photos below of our exciting week...

When two adults take SIX children (two of whom EAT like adults) out for dinner, it means a LOT of food!! 

The children enjoyed sitting at a big table all together, while the two mums enjoyed a smaller table and the opportunity for quiet, adult conversation! 

Some of our homeschool group members (as well as other members of the public) having a look at the new interactive digital table. 

Life dream come true... meeting, talking to, and getting a photograph with, Jackie French. 

Morning cuddles with Nana are a highlight when she visits... 

No evening with Nana is complete without a few rounds of Rummy Cub. 

Each boy puts in his "dinner order" and Nana cooks! The boys are older now, so they help. 

Monkey LOVES helping Nana make her flat bread recipe. 

 Our week ended with our neighbours delivering this little guy to us at 6pm Friday night. Apparently he landed on their windshield and stayed there while they slowly drove home (about a kilometer). WIRES was closed for the night, so on advice from my friend who volunteers for them, we kept him in a box with water to drink overnight, and I rang WIRES first thing in the morning. They directed us to take him to a local vet who would give him a full check-up and then pass him on to a WIRES volunteer until he could be released into the wild.

PSA: If you click on the WIRES link in the immediate future, be aware there are confronting photos of injured wildlife from the current bushfire crisis.

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