Saturday, August 17, 2019

Term Three: Week Four ~ Books, Books and MORE Books

We are finding it tougher than usual to get into our groove after our extra long holidays. I failed at taking many photos of our written work, so just enjoy the other photos that I did get taken.

The boys LOVE that the life sized chess game has been added to the plaza outside the library. 

 Monkey got started on his written thank you notes from his birthday.
Meanwhile, Munchkin spent a morning curled up on the playroom floor reading books!

Speaking of books... I had to do some SERIOUS reorganizing of our library bookshelf. Our lovely librarians found a way to give our family a sixth library card so we now have the ability (and OFTEN do) to borrow 150 items!  This comes in VERY handy when you are doing a unit study, or if all three of your children still LOVE good quality picture books.

On a side note: I had to really hold my tongue at the library recently. We were attending a school holiday event and another boy who was in attendance (who looked to be about 10 years old) picked up a picture book about aliens. Immediately his mother shouted at him "picture books are NOT the books you should be looking at, get over to your book section NOW"!!  I was rather in shock actually - as was the children's librarian.

Yes, the child should be choosing books that stretch him as far as his reading ability and comprehension skills are concerned, but there is NOTHING wrong with a good picture book. IN FACT, when I was in the education program at my university many years ago, our literature professor almost ALWAYS started the class with a picture book that she read aloud to us. The range in age of the students was 22yrs - 50+ yrs and EVERYONE was mesmerized by the story!  So don't discount the value and the worth of picture books. I often use them as a jumping off point for a unit study!!

So now that my little rant is finished, here is how I've reorganized each of the shelves in our library bookshelf! 

The very bottom shelf is now picture books... 

Next up is our collection of science/history/geography and other non-fiction titles that grab our attention when we are browsing in the library. 

All three boys are proficiently reading chapter books now and are LOVING several series of books so we keep those collections here. 

Finally the top shelf is reserved for chapter books I'm reading aloud to them and books that Monster uses for any research paper that he is writing for his IEW program. 

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  1. I think all books from the simplist to the most complicated all have their place. Using your own brain to sort what is the chaff from the 🌾 wheat is every individuals responsibility. I know at my course they said that people will only read what interests them... So if children are taking and reading miffy and they are older maybe it provides comfort and security. Let them go with it! Nice reading guys xoxozo