Saturday, June 8, 2019

Term Two: Week Six ~ Puzzles, Games, and Presents

We are at the halfway point of term two. Mid year always seems to bog us down a bit. Winter has arrived (FINALLY after a very long autumn) so the days are colder and shorter, and we just feel ourselves dragging a little bit. But learning still occurs... just at a slightly slower pace. Enjoy the photos that showcase our week...

Beginning of the week puzzle progress for Monster... 

I forgot to take a final photo of Munchkin's crystal growing science project. It will be interesting to see what happens with this crystal kit. It grows best when the room temperature is 25C or higher. We aren't likely to see 25C temperatures inside our house until late September. But we've put it on the piano where it gets afternoon sunshine from our dining room window... so we'll see!! 

Munchkin, Monster and I spent a couple of days playing Monopoly to teach Munchkin the basics of the game. He grasped the concept of the game quite well. 

 A dear friend of ours (who was unable to attend Munchkin's birthday party back in April) came over for afternoon tea. She brought wonderful gifts and Munchkin was very blessed with lots of new, fun things.

This photo was from the next morning... first thing he did was pull out one of his new activity books and get started on the mazes!  He LOVES mazes AND he is REALLY good at them! 

Mid-week puzzle progress.... 

Early morning handwriting work for the Munchkin... pjs and all!! 

The boys and I spent an evening playing The Game of Life, before we watched the disasterous State of Origin Rugby game!! 

We finished another Borrowers book... 

...and worked our way through this WONDERFUL new series we stumbled on by accident. 

The Splat the Cat obsession continues... 

 Independent reading selections for Monkey (left) and Monster (right).

This is another series of easy read chapter books written by Dav Pilkey (who writes the Captain Underpants books) and Munchkin read all of them during the week. 

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