Saturday, June 15, 2019

Term Two: Week Seven ~ Puzzles, Plants and Play Time

We had a GREAT learning week this week, and wound it up with a trip to homeschool group. For a variety of reasons we hadn't been to homeschool group for a month, so it was good to connect with all our friends again.

Nearly finished with this puzzle... Monster is eager to start a new one!! 

The boys were given baby pea plants as part of their party favours from their cousin's birthday party the previous weekend, so we got busy planting them one afternoon... 

 Funny face shenanigans (left hand photo) before getting down to the business of planting the pea plants. Ultimately they will have to be transplanted, but to start with, all four plants are going into the one pot...

 Each boy took a turn to plant one plant, and I planted the fourth "extra" that belongs to dad and I. We have had little luck growing food... failures have included: carrots, potatoes, coriander, red capsicum, and tomatoes. The ONLY success we have had is a VERY small pineapple.

Now we wait and see if they grow... stay tuned for updates in the weeks to come!! 

A homemade game on the small flying fox... Sky Wars I think they call it.
We were late getting to homeschool group and arrived just before 12pm. The cheer that erupted when some of their friends spotted us walking into the park was truly heart warming. The boys have worked hard to form some new friendships in the (nearly) two years since our best friends moved away, and we are starting to see the fruits of our efforts. 

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