Saturday, April 6, 2019

Term One: Week Ten ~ Play Dates, Games, Lizards and Books

We are enjoying some extra activities as we wind down the term.
Monday this week we spent the day with one of our homeschool friends.

The older boys enjoyed playing all manner of boards games... 

While Munchkin and the girls used their imagination and a bunch of cardboard to be creative. They made their own "mine-pads" and "mine-phones"!! 

We enjoyed some more rounds of Qwixx this week as well. The boys and I LOVE this game and it is a good thing that a local shop stocks the replacement score cards because we're going to need them soon. 

It has become routine to check for our Blue Tongue Lizard EVERY Thursday on our way to the library. 

We're having all sorts of fun looking for early reader chapter books for Munchkin in the library each week. 

Picture books still make up the vast majority of the books he chooses though. 

These books aren't classified as early readers, but Munchkin handled them quite well. 

 We're just enjoying one more read through all the orange Fitzroy Readers!!

Independent reading for the Monkey... free choice on the left and PRC selection on the right. 

 Munchkin is done with all his written book work for the term, so he had LOTS of extra reading time, allowing him to read three Team Hero books in one week.

 Other picture book selections...

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