Saturday, April 13, 2019

Term One: Week Eleven ~ Life Skills, Games, and Books

Eleven week terms are ROUGH!
It was a hard slog through this last week, but we made it! 
Aside from Monster and I finishing up a unit of math, everyone else was done with written work, so we spent the week reading, playing games, and working on life skills!

Munchkin is learning how to make his own toast. 

A frantic game of Tenzi!! 

Sleeping Queens has made a revival in the house. 

 Australian history read alouds for Monkey!!

Medieval Europe/Black Plague history read aloud for Monster. 

Geography/science read alouds for the two older boys... 

 We tried for finish all four Poppy books before the end of the term, but couldn't quite get there, so we'll finish that series in Term 2.

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