Saturday, December 8, 2018

Term Four: Week Eight ~ The End

All three boys finished up their written work this week, so it was our last official week of school, and the boys were thrilled to finish before the public school kids. We packed a lot into our last week to make sure we finished on a high note. It does feel good to be done though.

We watched this GREAT documentary to finish off our unit on rivers. It was neat to compare The Mekong and The Nile to what we know and have learned about the Murray-Darling system. 

 The Sulphur Crested Cockatoos have been spending their early mornings feasting in the neighbours front yard.

I taught Munchkin how to play Mastermind.
He figured it out much faster than I thought he would, and did quite well. 

We ended our week on Saturday afternoon by attending the Homeschool Creative Arts end of year dance concert. Monster's best friend, Shelby, flew down from Queensland to visit her friends and watch the concert, and she invited James to attend with her. After the concert we went out for a late lunch and I snapped this photo of the two of them. It is hard to believe they have been gone for a year. 

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