Saturday, December 29, 2018

Summer School Holidays ~ Week Two

With this week being Christmas we didn't venture far from home. Add to that, a heatwave that arrived Boxing Day, and we've been keeping our house closed up, dark and cave like during the day. But Christmas brought presents... and lots of new games... so we are enjoying those and it helps us wait out the heat.

Opening presents... 

Otrio is an AWESOME game... voted one of our favourites rather quickly. I've included a link (just click HERE) so you can learn more. 

Rat-a-Tat Cat is also GREAT! 

Pyramix is another great game and Monster LOVES it!! 

The Christmas t-shirt photo... 

Munchkin enjoying playing with the old Magic Mosaic game from when I was a child. 

Boxing Day night we went out to look at Christmas lights... 

We enjoyed taking some extra fun Christmas photos at one of our FAVOURITE houses of lights!! 

Monkey spent a bit of time one evening trying to work out how to play the solitaire marble game. 

We even squeezed in some reading... despite all the busy days and late nights!

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