Saturday, November 3, 2018

Term Four: Week Three ~ The Circle of Life

Nothing but books to show you for the week.
Instead we've been experiencing the circle of life.
Our week started with news that one of hubby's uncles was in hospital and seriously ill. 
We continued to school but went into a "ready and waiting" mode.
Wednesday afternoon we got a call to say that we needed to come and see him.
We got most of our written work done through the week, but photography and documentation were on the back burner for the week. The only reason I continued to photograph the books we read is because it is quicker and easier than writing down titles and authors.

Independent reading for the older boys... 

The Elmer obsession continues... as the books we put on reserve continue to trickle in to the library for pick-up. 

 History selections for Monkey.
Please do NOT be alarmed by the title of the book on the left... it was extremely interesting. Monster really liked it too as it linked in well with our study of the Medieval period in Europe and the outbreak of the Plague.

We FINALLY finished this book. It took AGES! Not because it was boring, but rather the opposite, it was so CHOCK full of interesting information. We LOVE DK books and this one was fantastic - especially since we are all just a little obsessed with science. 

Munchkin started his next level of phonics based early readers, and he is progressing really well. 

 More Elmer...

 We've started a mini-unit of food chains.

 More early readers for Munchkin...

 And still more Elmer...

Just a little bit of light-hearted reading about Medieval Europe!! 

 Some beautiful Australian history picture books... I LOVE Mark Wilson books.

These Australian Geographic books are EXCELLENT and even Monster and I are learning new things, despite already studying Australian history two years ago...

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