Saturday, November 24, 2018

Term Four: Week Six ~ Nana Visits and Cleaning Begins

This was a bit of a strange, disjointed week.
Nana visited us from Sunday evening until Wednesday morning.
The boys enjoyed playing lots of board games with her, and Munchkin showed off his reading skills as well. I failed to take pictures of them together though, because when I wasn't teaching the boys, I was busy getting started on some deep house cleaning. We have a rental inspection coming up the beginning of December, so I took the opportunity to get a head start while I had an extra body in the house to help with the boys.

 To go along with our mini-unit on food webs and food chains, I had the two older boys create their own notebooking page. I found a couple of food chain pages HERE and let the boys choose the one they thought would best suit them. They each completed the assignment slightly differently, but they included all the information I wanted, so I'm happy.

 Munchkin and Monkey spent quite a bit of their spare time drawing using the Art for Kids Hub on YouTube for inspiration.  Here are a couple of the drawings Munchkin did. If your kiddos are at ALL interested in drawing, I highly recommend their YouTube page - it is EXCELLENT.  You can also find them on Facebook and Instagram.

Munchkin read all three of these books aloud to Nana, and she was impressed with the progress he has made with his reading since she visited us in September. 

We finished off our last ocean book for the year... 

 Picture book selections for Munchkin...

 We are trying to finish the Letty series before the end of the year... I think we will make it, but the library has made it difficult by requiring us to borrow the books through Inter library loan, as once again, our library system has failed to purchase the entire FOUR book series.
Monster and I are working hard to finish up one of his Medieval Europe series before the end of the year as well. Oceans, Medieval Europe, and the Black Plague are just a few of our unit studies that we will continue next year.

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