Saturday, November 10, 2018

Term Four: Week Four ~ Saying Good-bye

Our week began with sad news Monday afternoon that hubby's uncle had passed away. Due to extended family being here from interstate as well as overseas, the funeral was arranged quickly, and Thursday was spent saying our good-byes and spending time with family. Thus Friday was simply a "stay at home" day to process our emotions and rest after all the late nights.

Independent reading for the older boys... 

 Two fantastic books I read to the older boys one night... we are excited that we have two others from the series.

 Munchkin continues to practice his reading daily...

 Some of Munchkin's picture book selections for the week...

We read this interesting book one evening... the Plague is fascinating. 

 The remainder of Munchkin's picture book selections for the week.

Finally, Monster and I finished reading this aloud this week... a fascinating book about the Zip water boiling system, and the man who bought and grew the company. Not only did we learn about the water system, and the man, but also lots about some of the situations Australia faces concerning water storage and usage.

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