Saturday, November 17, 2018

Term Four: Week Five ~ Working on Reading

I must apologize to those of you who read this blog.
Sometimes it ends up being used more for reporting than for pleasure.
I seem to have lost my photography mojo, and thus, I'm not all that interested in taking pictures at the moment.
Also, with the new rule that the boys must start school pretty much as soon as they wake up, I have some boys (one in particular) who are often working on math and handwriting at 7am, and I'm just not in the mood to take photos at 7am.
So, please bear with me as we wind up this school year, and hopefully next year my blog will be a little bit more interesting.
Also, the library will be closing for a couple of weeks in December, so that they can move up to the new building, and so we are concentrating on finishing off our learning units for the year and returning our books. 
Over Christmas break we will be taking a much deserved break and enjoying Christmas themed picture books, as well as fun reading for the library summer reading challenge.

Munchkin is doing VERY well with this second level of Fitzroy readers... nearly time to start checking out the third level. 

We won't finish our oceans/marine unit that Monster is in the middle of, so we're just concentrating on finishing the books we have currently, and over the Christmas break I'll work out what direction we'll go in when we pick the unit up again in February. 

This was an AMAZING book... lots of interesting information and BEAUTIFUL illustrations. 

Munchkin is still thoroughly enjoying his Elmer books... good thing daddy and I don't mind reading them either. 

 We are doing a quick mini-unit of food chains and food webs.

All three of the boys (and myself as well) enjoy reading about, and learning about turtles! 

 Monster finished off another Fair Dinkum Histories book (independent reading) and we read aloud the Legends or Lies book - which was interesting.

 Beautiful Australian history picture books that I read aloud to Monster and Monkey... it was a challenge not to cry as I read "Dreaming Soldiers"

 We read the other two books we had from this series... the boys were amazed at how remote these areas were. We are just bummed that we can't get ALL the books in the series. It is quite a mystery to us why our library system doesn't buy ALL books in some series... especially shorter series like this one that only has six books.

Picture books for Munchkin... 

Independent reading for Monkey... 

 I'm so grateful that a wonderful friend of ours gifted us with a box set of Graeme Base books when James was born. They are well loved and read frequently.

 More read alouds for the older boys... I now have other bridges in Australia that I would like to see in person, visit, and of course, photograph.

 Another ocean book read aloud...

Sneaking in ONE Christmas book before December... 

 New picture books for Munchkin...

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