Friday, October 5, 2018

Term Three Evaluation ~ Monkey


Reading ~
* You can see from my weekly reviews that we read LOTS of books, aloud and independent.
* A book list is included in Monkey's portfolio with a list of all books read each term.

Writing ~
We still use, and LOVE, our Institute for Excellence in Writing Program
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

In Term Three, Monkey wrote paragraphs on the following topics: Botany Bay, Different Soils Different Climate, A Strange New Land, Aboriginal Life, Shelters & Dwellings, Water Erosion, Conditions on Board, Early Settlers in the Deserts and Savannahs

Spelling ~ 
We continue with Ozspeller lists that I source online.
Monkey is working through the Year 4 lists.
He has an oral quiz Monday through Thursday and a written test on Friday.

Handwriting ~
Foundation Handwriting Yr 3

Grammar ~
This year we are using Junior Analytical Grammar
Term Three we worked through units eight and nine: sentence pattern 3, as well as linking verbs and sentence patterns 4 and 5. We slowed grammar down a little bit this term as it was getting a bit stressful for some of us.


Maths Plus Yr 4 Textbook
Term Three units covered the following topics:
Rounding numbers, Factors and factorising, Turns, Investigating likelihood, 3-digit subtraction with trading, Division, Visible and invisible arms, Millimetres, 4-digit addition, Revising decimals, Classifying angles, Millilitres, 4-digit subtraction with trading, Fractions of a collection, Tessellations, Timetables, Extended multiplication, Rounding to the nearest 5 cents, Grid references, Comparing graphs, Compensation strategy, Division strategies, Surveys, Grams, Mixed addition, Decimal place value, Pentagons and octagons, The square metre, 4-digit subtraction with trading, Tens of thousands, Combining and splitting shapes, Cubic centimetres, Contracted multiplication, Division, Using a scale, and Chance 
Diagnostic Review 3


Our science topics were a bit eclectic this term. We didn't really do any intense study on one subject. We learned a bit about products and how they are made, read about Benjamin Franklin, and started a heating/cooling unit that will take us into Term Four. 
Below is a list of the science related books we read:

"How are They Made? Pencils" by Wendy Blaxland
"Drought" by Jackie French
"Water in Australia" by Rachel Dixon
"How are They Made? Plates and Mugs" by Wendy Blaxland
"Benjamin Franklin" by Kathleen Krull
"Threatening Skies! History's Most Dangerous Weather" by Suzanne Garbe
"Tsunami" by Anne Rooney
"Weather in 30 Seconds" by Dr Jen Green
"Dingo" by Clair Saxby
"Exploring the Earth" by Peter Grego


Monkey began and in-depth and intense Australian history unit.
This should take us two years to complete.

We read the following books as part of the unit study:
"Meet Grace" by Sofie Laguna
"Children in Australian History: Little Felons, Child Convicts: 1788-1853" by Melanie Guile
"A Friend For Grace" by Sofie Laguna
"Bush Boys & Girls: Pioneer Children in the 1800s" by Melanie Guile
"Another Mouth to Feed: Children in War and the Depression" by Melanie Guile
"Baby Boomers: Growing Up After WWII" by Melanie Guile
"Grace and Glory" by Sofie Laguna
"A Home For Grace" by Sofie Laguna
"First Australian" by Karin Cox
"They Came to Australia" by Joel Weston
"The Voyages of James Cook" by Simone Bradfield


During Term Three we finally completed our "Australia's Closest Neighbours" unit.
We also continued our in-depth unit study on Landforms and Landscapes.

We read the following books as part of these unit studies:
"Deserts and Savannahs in Australia" by Rachel Dixon
"The Adventures of Kubi" by Erik Speyer
"Forests in Australia" by Rachel Dixon
"Vietnam" by Robert Gott
"Drought and El Nino" by Melanie Guile
"Volcanoes" by Learning About Landforms
"Australia's Deserts" by Frank Gibson
"Australia's Mountains and Rock Formations" by Frank Gibson
"Vietnam" by Exploring Countries
"This is My Culture: Vietnam" by Carmel Reilly
"Australia's Rainforests" by Greg Pyers


Monkey spent LOTS of his free time during the term sketching and drawing.


We focused on healthy eating, moving our body, and some discussions about healthy management of our emotions, in particular grief.


Term Three Holiday Events:
Bingo at local library
Fish Mobile craft at local library
Super Hero Clinger craft at local library
Birthday/Anniversary celebration dinner with friends
Tie Dye craft at local library
Play Date with homeschool friends

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