Saturday, October 20, 2018

Term Four: Week One ~ Tweaking the Routine

I can't quite believe it - but Term 4 is upon us.
This year has FLOWN by.
Week one of this term was interesting. With the relaxed routine and structure of holidays, being cooped up indoors with three WEEKS of rain, and the daylight savings time change, it was rough going. What I realized, after much thinking and praying and consulting another mum with all boys, is that "free time" in the early mornings was our undoing.
So I decided there would be NO free time until schoolwork and chores were done. This of course means that this night owl mother has to function EARLY in the morning with her cheerful morning person youngest son, but it is worth it since it means LOTS of free time in the afternoon!!

Munchkin decided to tackle his 100-piece puzzles early one morning. He only needed a little bit of help. I think he can actually do these independently now, he just prefers the company that naturally comes with the help. 

We did some notebooking about Australian desert animals, so all three boys spent time on the computer finding pictures of their selected animals and printing them out in a size suitable for the notebooking page. 

Each morning Munchkin completed a handwriting page and a maths page... 

Monster wrote a simple IEW paragraph about mangrove forests... 

 Munchkin reads aloud to other members of the family now that he can read! We are still working to find the right level of early readers that actually give him a challenge and some work to do.

 The older boys, cutting and pasting their Australian animal pictures to their notebooking page...

 Munchkin completed a stepping stone in Reading Eggs AND Math Seeds each day of the week.

Monkey working on his notebooking page... no he doesn't have a happy face. This was the first day of the "no morning free time" rule and he was convinced doing schoolwork first thing was going to mean LESS free time not MORE free time!! 

 Monster's notebooking pages... you can find the link to these wonderful pages HERE.

 Monkey's notebooking pages... I'm hoping in future he'll draw pictures, but given all the changes this week, I didn't insist on it this time around.

Munchkin working on his handwriting as well as his copywork for his notebooking pages. I expected some complaints about the amount of writing he suddenly had to do, but thankfully, there was none.

 Monkey working on his notebooking pages... they pulled the written information from the book on the right.

Monkey working on a simple math page. 

 Munchkin's completed notebooking pages... again, you can print your own copies of the pages from HERE.

 The three early reader books Munchkin focused on this week, with examples of the difficulty of the reading. I think I might have helped him with one or two words.

We did a LOT of reading this week... 

 The older boys were thrilled to get more books in this series...

Monster and I are finally getting a good start on our Medieval Europe and Black Plague unit. 

 These books were AMAZING... both for the information and the GORGEOUS illustrations. Now we have MORE fun things to do when we next visit the city.

A selection of Munchkin's picture books for the week, with read aloud early readers at the top. 

Various fiction and non-fiction selections I read aloud to the boys this week. 

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