Saturday, October 13, 2018

October School Holidays

Our October School Holidays are coming to a close. It has been a wet and soggy spring break for us, but we are ready for the routine of the term, and excited about our studies for the final term of this school year.  Below are the photos I snapped during some of our activities. Along with all this, we also spent a lot of time at home, relaxing, enjoying a bit of extra computer/TV time, and adjusting to the daylight savings time change.

We attended a fish mobile craft afternoon at a library a few suburbs away. We met up with some friends from homeschool group, enjoyed playing table tennis outside the library, and got a snack and a drink together from the local coffee shop. 

Then it was indoors for the craft and browsing through the books. We also saw a librarian who used to work at our local library, and who was due to retire in a week, so it was good to say hello and good-bye. 

Our local library has a better budget for school holidays events and has started buying little craft kits online. This term the boys enjoyed putting together little "superhero clingers"! It was a simple craft but they liked it a lot. 

 I don't think a day went by that Monkey didn't work on his drawing/sketching.

A tie-dye craft at our local library. Simply take a baby wipe, bunch it up, tie it in three places with rubber bands, colour it with textas, and bingo, you have a tie dye cloth!  Again, very simple, but the boys loved it. They also didn't mind a simple craft as EVERYONE was tired from the time change. For the first time ever, we attended the craft, and then went straight home. 

Wednesday afternoon a severe thunderstorm appeared out of NOWHERE so we shut down all the computers, turned off the TV, and played board games. 

Munchkin's creation on the Etch-a-Sketch!! 

Books, books and more books... we did a LOT of reading!!
Some of Munchkin's picture book choices... 

 Independent reading for the older boys...

Australian history read aloud for Monkey... 

Munchkin's favourites... 

 Read alouds for Monster and Monkey...

Medieval Europe read aloud for Monster... these books are FULL of information and take quite awhile to read and digest!! 

Early reader books that Munchkin has been working on!! 

This book was AMAZING!!  The older boys and I worked through it a few pages at a time on read aloud nights and the information and things we learned were truly amazing!! 

 More read alouds... history for Monkey (left) and science for Munchkin (right)

 Munchkin is doing so well with these early readers, it is time to move on to some harder ones...

 Graeme Base books are WONDERFUL... 

Monster and I couldn't resist extending Ancient China just a little bit longer to read this! 

 Munchkin LOVES his picture books...

Science and history read alouds for the older boys... 

 Still more picture books... ;-)

A new series to try for Monkey's Australian history... and we all liked it! 

 The final stack of picture books for Munchkin!!

 Landforms/landscape books for the older boys!!

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