Saturday, August 25, 2018

Term Three: Week Five ~

Week five was a rather eclectic week as we marked the halfway point of the term.

We spent an afternoon enjoying "The Composer is Dead" by Lemony Snicket. The boys especially liked hearing Lemony Snicket's voice as he narrated the story. 

The older boys worked hard on their IEW paragraphs this week. 

We discovered jellyfish in the river by our house. The top picture is a bit hard to see so the black arrow is meant to help you find the jellyfish. 

Munchkin and I enjoyed playing Qwixx together. 

 We enjoyed a lovely visit with a dear friend, who came Tuesday afternoon, bringing belated birthday gifts and delicious afternoon tea for all of us. 

 It was a hands-on math week for the Munchkin. He enjoyed a volume page that involved pouring water - because anything with water is SUPER fun!

He also had a "passage of time" page to complete where he had to time how long it took him to complete certain activities - in this case - how many star jumps/jumping jacks he could complete in one minute. 

Hard at work practicing their handwriting. 

They enjoyed a yoga session one afternoon... 

We admired some brave Rainbow Lorikeets as we walked home from the library Thursday afternoon. 

Friday was rainy and cool, so we skipped our homeschool group (it was cancelled anyway due to the weather) and the boys spent the day playing various games with Nana. 

 This week we enjoyed new Graeme Base books along with the Lemony Snicket book...

 Monkey enjoyed these read alouds as part of his history and geography units...

 And Munchkin enjoyed some new picture books...

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