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Term Two Evaluation: Monkey


Reading ~
* You can see from my weekly reviews that we read LOTS of books, aloud and independent.
* A book list is included in Monkey's portfolio with a list of all books read each term.

Writing ~
We still use, and LOVE, our Institute for Excellence in Writing Program
Teaching Writing: Structure and Style

In Term Two, Monkey wrote eight paragraphs on the following topics: Beluga Whales, Homing Pigeons, Lulu the Chicken, The Reaction of the Aboriginal People, Changed Forever, What Shapes the Land

Spelling ~ 
We continue with Ozspeller lists that I source online.
Monkey is working through the Year 4 lists.
He has an oral quiz Monday through Thursday and a written test on Friday.

Handwriting ~
Foundation Handwriting Yr 3

Grammar ~
This continued working through Junior Analytical Grammar. Over the course of Term 2 we completed units on subject & verb, adverbs, and sentence patterns. All three of us have got a good handle on diagramming sentences, and the boys LOVE seeing if they can score better than mum on the tests.


Maths Plus Yr 4 Textbook
Term Two units covered the following topics:
3-digit subtraction with trading, Equivalent fractions, Acute, obtuse and right angles, Millilitres, Counting by 10s and 100s, Thirds and sixths, Patterns in tables, Counting patterns, Multiplication facts, times 8, Symmetrical patterns, Chance, Jump and bridging strategies - subtraction, Mixed numerals, Combining and splitting shapes, Millilitres, Counting with fractions, Division strategies, Reflect, translate or rotate, Two-way tables, Hundredths, Tens of thousands, Grouping two-dimensional shapes, am and pm times, 3-digit addition, Multiplication facts, times 9, Creating categories, Grams, Multiplying tens then ones, Division with remainders, Using a legend, Perimeter, 4-digit addition, Patterns on a hundreds chart, Top, front and side views, Square centimetres and Diagnostic Review 2


We finished up our unit study on water and started a unit on magnets and electricity. Finally, towards the end of the term we started a unit on products - where they come from, how they are manufactured, etc. This unit will likely take us into Term 3. 
Below are the books we read aloud as well as any that Monkey read independently:

"Oceans and Seas" by Discover Science
"Weather" by Discover Science
"Magnets and Electromagnetism" by Alfred J. Smuskiewicz
"A Look at Magnets" by Barbara Alpert
"Electricity and Electrical Circuits" by Sally Morgan
"Making a Circuit"
"Circuits and Conductors" by Louise & Richard Spilsbury
"Benjamin Franklin" by Scholastic
"Plant" by Eye Wonder Series
"Bee to Honey" by Sarah Ridley
"Beans to Chocolate" by Sarah Ridley
"Seeds to Bread" by Sarah Ridley


Monkey began and in-depth and intense Australian history unit.
This should take us two years to complete.

We read the following books as part of the unit study:
"The Goat Who Sailed the World" by Jackie French
"The First Fleet" by John & Jennifer Barwick
"Sorry Day" by Coral Vass & Dub Leffler

We also read aloud the following books for ANZAC Day:
"Simpson and His Donkey" by Mark Greenwood
"Lest We Forget" by Kerry Brown
"A Day to Remember" by Jackie French
"Daddy Why Are They Marching?"
"Grandad's Medal" by Tracy Duncan
"Forward March" by Christobel Mattingley
"Bessie's War" by Krista Bell
"ANZAC Cottage: The House That Was Built in a Day" by Valerie Everett
"Meet the ANZACS" by Claire Saxby
"Digger" by Mike Dumbleton
"Do Not Forget Australia" by Sally Murphy
"ANZAC Animals" 


During Term Two we worked on completing our "Australia's Closest Neighbours" unit.
We also began and in-depth unit study on Landforms and Landscapes.

We read the following books as part of these unit studies:
"Malaysia" by Exploring Countries
"Culture in Malaysia" by Melanie Guile
"Culture in Thailand" by Melanie Guile
"All About Thailand" by Elaine Russell

"Islands" by Landforms
"Caves" by Landforms
"Mountains" by Landforms
"Caves" by Learning About Landforms
"Islands" by Learning About Landforms
"Understanding Landforms" 
"On the River" by Roland Harvey


Monkey spent LOTS of his free time during the term sketching and drawing.


We focused on healthy eating, moving our body, and some discussions about healthy management of our emotions, in particular grief.

During Term Two we attended the following social events:
The biggest event in our term was a sad one.
My father-in-law died on Mother's Day and quite a bit of the term was spent attending events surrounding the funeral.

24th May: attended their grandfather's funeral and wake

30th April: attended Pupil Free Lego Day at local church
18th May: Australian Museum Excursion (met another homeschool family)
2nd June: Attended cousin's 7th birthday party and uncle's 60th birthday party
28th June: Celebrated dad's birthday

Term One Holiday Events:
14th April: Attended a friend's birthday party
15th April: Celebrated younger brother's birthday
17th April: Bingo at local library
18th April: Board Games at local library
21st April: Attended younger brother's birthday party (with friends and family)
22nd April: beach afternoon
26th April: Craft activity at local library

Term Two Holiday Events:
10th July: Bingo at local library
13th July: 3D Dinosaur craft at local library
17th July: Board Games at local library
19th July: CD Flower Craft at local library
20th July: Winter Snowflake craft at local library

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