Sunday, July 22, 2018

July School Holidays

How the boys and I needed this winter school holidays. We just needed to chill out, get a routine happening again, and just feel normal. It was wonderful to stay close to home, focus on time together, get outdoors as much as possible, and get back on track.

Monster, Munchkin and I went on an exploration walk one afternoon. We wanted to follow a walking trail we had noticed, and see where it took us.  It was a beautiful walk, we were extremely surprised when we worked out where we were as we reached the end of the track, and we got our exercise as we clocked up 5km (3 miles) in total. 

No school holidays is complete for my boys, unless we attend the Bingo event at our local library. Munchkin does VERY well now and needs little or no assistance so I was able to browse the children's books nearby while they played. 

 April school holidays were a disappointment for the boys as far as the craft events at the library were concerned. One of their favourite librarians had been transferred to another branch and let us just say the craft was pretty sad. But this school holidays was a different story. Our library brought in a young guy from the main branch a few suburbs away, and he did a BRILLIANT job - earning high praise from Monster in particular!!  This particular afternoon they made 3D dinosaurs out of cardboard templates and then decorated them with all manner of craft supplies.

The afternoon of board games had a VERY low turn out - essentially my three boys and just one other boy and his mum. So while that young boy took turns playing games with my two older boys, his mum played Connect Four with Munchkin!  They enjoyed themselves even if their other friends weren't there. 

The games day at the library sparked some morning games of Guess Who while still in the pajamas!! 

 It has been a COLD winter (possibly the coldest since I've moved here) but dry and sunny so when we can, we get outdoors, even if it is only for an hour or so. Thank goodness the boys current favourite park/playground is a mere 5 minute walk from home.

 The final library event for this holiday period was another craft event. Again the young librarian from the main branch came in to oversee the event. The boys enjoyed picking out a snowflake template and then decorating it with cellophane to get a "stained glass" effect. 

We read a LOT of books over school holidays. The older boys worked through some chapter books for fun, as well as some "assigned" reading for Premier's Reading Challenge, while daddy and I enjoyed reading LOTS of picture books to the munchkins.
After a much needed rest, we are ready to tackle Term Three!!

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