Saturday, June 23, 2018

Term Two: Week Eight ~ Back On Track

The boys and I felt like week eight was the first week that felt like we were back to our normal schedule and routine after the funeral, associated family events, illness, and rain.

Monster LOVES Latin. So he was thrilled when I was able to get Visual Latin 1 & 2 for free through a homeschool curriculum website as part of their "summer" deals. Even though we're not in America and NOT on summer holidays, we can still take advantage of online summer deals.  Monster is able to do this entirely independently. I simply print out the worksheets and the quiz for each lesson and then he sits down and watches the corresponding videos and works through the worksheets and the quiz at his own pace. At this stage, the work is easy enough that he is completing a lesson per day. We shall see what happens when it starts to get challenging. 

A new obsession for all three boys is Pixel Papercraft. They print out nets for their favourite Minecraft characters, and then painstakingly cut them out and glue them together. So this is a photo of Monkey working on some Pixel Papercraft during his free time. 

Munchkin enjoying another of our online "freebies" - Doodle Math. 

We welcomed some MUCH needed rain - even though it meant we were housebound for the beginning of the week. 

Monster worked on his puzzle a couple of nights this week while I read aloud to him. 

Munchkin enjoyed a hands-on Maths page where he had to measure a collection of household items (tea towel, textbook, newspaper) with a uniform item... which for us was square Duplo Legos. 

Friday on our way home from the library we found a group of Sulphur Crested Cockatoos congregating near one of our neighbour's houses.  He often feeds them so they are there a LOT. We stopped to take some photos, and the gentleman brought out a loaf of discount bread to feed to the group that had gathered. 

 The boys enjoyed the opportunity to hand feed the birds, and I enjoyed the opportunity to work on some photography.

Munchkin is following in both of his brother's footsteps and going through the 6yr old dinosaur phase!  He liked these two books, even though it presented the information in an extremely simplified way that was really too easy for him. 

 We discovered that Lemony Snicket writes picture books...

 Premier's Reading Challenge books for Munchkin.

We started a landforms/landscapes unit study... 

 I read aloud Puberty Boy to Monster, both because he is starting to go through puberty himself, and because human reproduction is part of the Year 7 science curriculum. I read Voyage to Botany Bay aloud to him as well.

 More read alouds for Monster... the Ben Franklin book was AMAZING!!

 Monkey read all the Minecraft books as his independent reading this week, and Monster finished his last All the Wrong Questions book as well.

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