Saturday, April 7, 2018

Term One: Week Ten ~ Books, Books, and More Books

It seems, since I couldn't read to the boys when I had my conjunctivitis, that I made up for it this week. ZERO photos of structured written work and tons of pictures of the books we read.

All three boys and I enjoyed a game of Ticket to Ride on Easter Monday. 

Friday there was some miscommunication with our homeschool group. The group changed the park for our meet up to suit to mums who have recently had babies, and I missed the email. So we walked up to the park it had originally been planned for, only to find no one there. It was too late to take the bus to the new park, so we walked home, with a stop off at the new cafe for a game of chess, some hot chips, and some wedges. 

We LOVE it when the library gets new Minecraft books. Both of the older boys devoured this book in less than a week. 

 More new book finds.
These are New Zealand versions of classic stories... Henny Penny (Wacko Kakapo) and The Ugly Duckling (The Ugly Hatchling). Munchkin especially loves these, though all three boys will listen to them.

We are enjoying a mini unit study on forces and magnets. This is a good example of how ONE topic can suit all three boys even though they are in vastly different learning levels! 

 We finished yet another Mrs Piggle Wiggle book and are trying to wait patiently for our last book of the series to arrive in the mail.

 A mixture of new books (Pamela Allen) and old favourites throughout our picture book selections this week...

I had wanted to save this book to read on ANZAC day but Munchkin pulled it off the shelf early. It is a beautiful book and I struggle to read it without crying EACH AND EVERY time I read it.

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