Saturday, April 14, 2018

Term One: Week Eleven ~ That's a Wrap

I feel like we ended our last week, and thus the term, quite well.
We got all our structured written work done and enjoyed a TON of reading!

Sometimes we have to "divide and conquer" with the boys, especially when Monster and I have a math test to take. So while he and I concentrated, Monkey and Munchkin worked independently on their online reading program (above pictures). 

 The older boys are enjoying a South-East Asia unit study.
This is part of Monkey's curriculum as he learns about Australia's closest neighbours for his geography. But I'm having Monster follow along as well since I didn't do this particular unit with him when he was in Yr 4. They enjoy the reading we do, and are warming to the idea of the notebooking pages I have assigned.

Mid week we received these new games from friends in the states! 

This is a HORRIBLE picture of Monster working on his Latin. I found a wonderful independent study program for him to do. It consists of the "textbook" (seen under his left arm) and there is an online component as well. He logs on, listens to the lesson and correct pronunciation of the words, then does the translation of the words/sentences that correspond with the lesson in his book. We were both excited to learn that the author of the textbook is currently working on another textbook to follow on from this one. 

Munchkin is learning to complete 100 piece puzzles independently. He started with this one that has a poster for easy reference. He chose to place the correct pieces into the correct spaces on the picture. 

Thursday was our official last day of the term. We don't do structured work (aside from a written spelling test) on Fridays as that is our social day to meet up with homeschool group or have a learning excursion to the city. So, on our way to the library, we stopped at the cafe for an ice cream cone to celebrate!! 

Munchkin's completed puzzle. 

We enjoyed our last homeschool group of the term. I just didn't take many photographs - the children migrated to the shade as it was a pretty hot day. 

We completed our test on prepositions in our Grammar book. These photos are full size so you can click on any of them (including below) for a better look. The above photos are my test... 

Monster's test... 

Monkey's test... 

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