Saturday, January 6, 2018

School Holidays: Week Three ~ Enjoying Extra Free Time

As all of us were recovering from a head cold, and too many late nights over Christmas and New Years, I decided a week of just free time was in need.

 Monster enjoyed working with his Alien Autopsy science kit that our wonderful friend of ours gifted him for Christmas.  This kept him busy and entertained for several afternoons.

We are REALLY enjoying Ticket to Ride and have played several games. Thank you Grandma for this WONDERFUL game!! 

Munchkin enjoyed mixing up some plaster to make his own robot magnets. Again, this was an amazing gift given to him by the friends we spent New Years Day with. 

 I remembered that I had this crystal Christmas tree kit, so I got it out and we set it up to grow. The boys LOVED watching the crystals appear... and since it was nice and HOT it didn't take long at all to become a beautiful bushy tree.

 We spent some time finishing up our Christmas picture book read alouds...

 And Monster is working his way through several new sets of Sea Quest books that the library recently ordered.

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