Saturday, November 11, 2017

Term Four: Week Five ~ Halfway There

Back to the grind!
We can't quite believe that our last term of the year is half over.
Where has the time gone?

Munchkin still LOVES his maths.
He is going at a bit slower pace now, as the concepts are getting more difficult, but he still does pages and pages a day if I let him. 

 Monkey worked hard on his math and his writing paragraph this week.

Only photo I took of Monster this week... working away at another math unit. 

 Munchkin's selection of picture books... some read during the day and some were his bedtime selections.

 We did some science and technology reading at lunch times this week.

Monkey has discovered the Horrible Science books at the library! 

 More lunch time reading selections ~ I decided we needed to get some of our library books read before the term ends.

 Final read aloud selections of Munchkin's.

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