Friday, September 8, 2017

Term Three: Week Eight ~ Playgrounds, Nature Walks, and Board Games Galore

What an eclectic week we had. 
LOTS of time outdoors (always a good thing in spring) and some fun with board game learning as well.  We are winding down the term, but still learning lots along the way.

 Monday afternoon we escaped to our favourite park/playground.
The boys spent all their time in the new sand pit building an elaborate Star Wars something or other, while I soaked up the sunshine.

 We went for a nature walk along the boardwalk one afternoon so I could get a photo for my weekly photography challenge I take part in on Facebook.

I needed a photo of water and decided to go for the dark and foreboding look of this pool of water along our walk.  The top photo is black and white and the bottom photo is in colour. 

The Munchkin and I enjoyed a game of Blokus and some time with the Suspend game. 

Thursday was our co-op day.
Munchkin enjoyed time outdoors with his little friend playing catch (or their unique version of it anyway)... 

...and building roads for the cars with bricks and boards... 

We finished the week off at our favourite playground again with some friends of ours. A great end to a great week. 

Independent reading for Monster... 

Munchkin's read aloud choices... 

A read aloud selection for Monster that we finished this week.

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