Friday, April 7, 2017

Term One: Week Ten ~ Ancient History Excursion

We made it to the end of the term!
I think it was VERY successful - especially considering we had no textbooks until mid term. The boys worked really hard and we are pleased with all the learning we've done together.

 The boys had LOTS of fun colouring while I read aloud to them this week.

I am so proud of myself!  This is my grid notebook for math.  Monster and I are working through the Year 7 textbook together.  Often he grasps the concepts quicker and easier than I do. Sometimes I explain things to him, sometimes he explains things to me.  We are learning together.  Also, there are honestly DOZENS of reasons why my husband and I chose to homeschool our boys... and I keep adding new reasons each and every day.  There are so many positives for our family for making this choice.  But there is a MAJOR positive for myself that I didn't really grasp fully until this year.  I am re-teaching myself along the way.  For the first time in my life I understand geometry (something I struggled with for years in high school and college) but now I am really beginning to understand it and also enjoying it!  I have a renewed love of history, a growing love of science, and I am being reminded how much fun learning it when it is applicable to life and the things around you and not just facts in a book that you learn long enough to spew back out on a piece of paper for an exam!!

 Though we did spend Friday morning tying up loose ends with spelling tests and math tests/reviews, technically our term finished with an amazing excursion with our Thursday co-op friends.  We attended an amazing Ancient History exhibit at one of the local universities.  It perfectly wrapped up the studies Monster and I have done on Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome.  We will spend a couple of weeks in term two touching on Mesopotamia and then we will move forward to the Huns and the Vikings.

The boys, of course, loved the mummy. 

The scarab beetles were cool with their exhibit of never ending reflections. Monkey spent AGES looking at these. 

The goddess Hathor 

A lego replica of Pompeii - it was AMAZING!!  Along with all the accurate ancient details there were lots of bonus things to look for.  There was a two page "booklet" that listed all the major buildings and pop culture items included.  We had fun searching for many of them. 

Indiana Jones was hidden in the display... 

Mozart visits the Temple of Isis in 1769 when he was 13 years of age. It is believed the memory would inspire him to create the opera "The Magic Flute" in 1791. 

The Tardis of Pompeii. The Doctor Who episode "The Fires of Pompeii" (2008) saw the Time Lord meet Lucius Caecilius Iucundus. Iucundus was a real person who is well known to generations of students of Latin as he is the central character in the Cambridge Latin Course textbook. 

Rock band Pink Floyd performing a concert for cameras in the ruins of the amphitheater in October 1971. 

There was a table for the children to sit down and build their own Lego creations. 

Monster enjoyed the wall of Latin phrases. 

It was a wonderful day out and I'm keen to see what events this university will hold during future school holidays. 

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