Friday, March 10, 2017

Term One: Week Six ~ Endless Rain

We're have a monsoonal autumn... warm, humid weather and LOTS of rain!
Seemingly endless rain.
Not as many photographs this week. We're all crawling the walls a little bit. But we are busy every day... studying and learning.

The sun came out for awhile on Monday... allowing for a quick dash to the library as we missed it the Thursday previously due to torrential rain.  I took the opportunity to snap my photo for my weekly Facebook photography challenge.  The theme was shadows. I loved my idea, but not my composition of it!  I was rushing because the sun kept going behind the clouds, so I didn't notice where the footpath/sidewalk cracks were!  SIGH!! 

Munchkin is LOVING his maths book. He is nearly halfway through it already (after only three weeks) so I'm debating what to do next.  If he shows readiness and understanding of the concepts I will move him into a Year 1 book when he completes this one. If not, and he starts to struggle with the later concepts in this book, then we'll slow down and review.  He is my guide since he isn't officially registered for school yet. 

 Thursday co-op with our friends included a chance to get outside (undercover) to make our own siphons.  All the children enjoyed this activity.

We missed homeschool group on Friday but did make it to the park in the late afternoon for a run around with our Thursday co-op friends.  The boys were thrilled when we arrived and found a construction crew at the park.  It appears we are getting a whole stack of new equipment (we think), all they could get the guys to tell them was that they were laying concrete for a HUGE new sandpit!!  The boys will be fairly begging to go to the park just to check out the progress. 

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